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Original Paintings

Available for purchase directly from my studio. New works will be available throughout the year.

The Process

Western Art at it's finest

I begin my original painting and drawings with a very simple approach. I like to start the canvas off with a good drawing. I have a color palette that I stay close to that makes me feel good. I approach certain images either softly or very boldly, depending on my feeling at the moment. I put a basic wash down when I’m painting and start sculpting in or building in the structures of the people.

Faces are always a representation of the soul traveling, the soul feeling. To me, they represent a noble humility. There is a sense of truth in them, I feel they are souls walking with a purpose.

I allow God to talk to me and use me to bring joy to people, to tap into their imagination, into their heart and soul.

And so I lay my colors accordingly: light, dark, earth tones. Today I try to eliminate overworking something, and I like to let the painting tell me it’s completed, whether the whole canvas is covered or not.

Each piece is born of an image that lives inside of me. Spiritually I know these people, and they come to me. They are all connected.


Commission an Original

I work directly with collectors to help build their collections. If you are interested in commissioning an original please email or call.

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